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Trustee - Volunteer Role

We are looking for people to join our Board of Trustees to help provide excellent leadership and governance. Trustees play a vital part in ensuring that we carry out our activities correctly and effectively and that we comply with all our necessary legal duties as well as our governing documents and charitable objectives.

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Role Description:

Approximately twelve 1-hour board meetings a year plus the AGM as a minimum, with additional preparation time; some discussions about key areas at other times. You will also be required to undertake an induction and ad hoc training and development sessions and may be invited to attend other events/meetings. We will endeavour to be flexible and accommodate your availability where possible.

It is envisaged that new Trustees would take on the role for an initial period of three years. This would then be reviewed and, by agreement of the rest of the board and the Trustee under review, a further three-year term could be served.

What we are looking for - Personal competencies
YBTC Trustees are expected to demonstrate all of the following personal competencies and the capacity to apply these to the strategic development of a local charity:

  • Ability to understand and accept the duties and liabilities of being a charity Trustee

  • Empathy with the vision, mission and strategic development of YBTC

  • A willingness and ability to devote the necessary time and effort



  • Ability to think and apply knowledge strategically

  • Ability to think creatively

  • Ability to keep mission-focused

  • Ability to analyse and evaluate management information and other evidence

  • Willingness to listen and learn


Communication and team working

  • Ability to communicate clearly and sensitively and to take an active part in discussions

  • Ability to influence and engage

  • Ability to work effectively in a group

  • Willing to express their own opinion in a reasoned way, while also listening to the views of others

  • Ability to challenge constructively and ask questions appropriately



  • Ability to exercise sound and independent judgement

  • Willingness to make and stand by collective decisions, including those which may be unpopular

  • Ability to manage difficult and/or challenging situations

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality on confidential and/or sensitive information


Skills and Experience

  • Strategic leadership and management within a small/medium sized business or charity

  • An area of expertise relevant to YBTC such as charity law, strategic development or project management


Stewardship and Governance

  • Trusteeship in a similar size or larger organisation, together with implementation of best practice in UK


Specialist Expertise

  • Secretarial Administration to a Board of Trustees

  • Charity Finance

  • Fundraising

  • Charity Retail or Operations

  • Research Funding and the development of YBTC’s current funding strategy

  • Patient Support & Service provision, developing and delivering services to brain tumour patients in a health or social care setting

  • Patient Experience

  • Human Resources

  • Health & Safety

  • Legal

  • IT

  • PR, Marketing & Communications


Enquires: or to apply contact David Grant-Roberts,, 07436 272665

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