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We fund world-class, innovative research across Yorkshire with the aim of improving health outcomes for brain tumour patients and ultimately, to find a cure.

Supporting Research

Since 2011 we have funded a broad range of medical research into all primary brain tumours. Our research background includes laboratory work, clinical research projects, quality of life research, computer modelling and development of robotics.


Although a small charity, we can make a huge difference by funding new research to get it off the ground. This is often called pump-priming and it enables researchers, academics and clinicians to undertake proof-of-principle studies to facilitate the award of further funding (read about our previous stories and current projects).

We continually review to ensure that we have the right research priorities in place, having developed a strong Yorkshire network in the area of neuro-oncology. We're proud to collaborate and co-fund research with other charities, working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for brain tumour patients.


To determine what we fund, we call for applications and then use a process called peer review for applications of more than £30,000. Our Research Sub-Committee and Board of Trustees ensure that the research we fund is of the highest quality and best value for money.

The money we spend on research is 100% reliant on voluntary income; we do not receive any government or statutory funding.


To support the work we do please click here to donate.

Our latest research updates.

Latest Research News

A huge part of what we do at YBTC is fund important research, with the hope of finding a cure for brain tumours. We are proud to share the research we were able to fund through 2023 and the developments which have been made. 

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