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Previous Research Stories

Since 2011 we have funded over £1,097,000 in clinical research projects.

Below you can find more information regarding this innovative research and the ground-breaking outcomes we have achieved.


Previous Research

Image by National Cancer Institute

We are delighted that research funded by Ellie’s Fund, an official YBTC fund, has recently been published in the journal Supportive Care in Cancer.

We're delighted to share an update from academic neurosurgeon Ryan Mathew from the University of Leeds.

Ryan Head shot sm.jpeg
Image by Krzysztof Maksimiuk

Our supporter Katie Gilchrist, a member of our Patient Advisory Group, has published her dissertation on the needs of carers of acoustic neuroma patients.

We are part funding (25%) the Associate Professorship of Ryan Mathew at the University of Leeds. Ryan is also Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon at Leeds General Infirmary. This funding is for a period of four years from 2019 - 2023.

Ryan Mathew 2.jpg
Image by Hal Gatewood

The GlioModel consortium aim to set up a multi-centre resource to set up well-characterised models of glioblastoma.

Investigation into the utility of non-invasive liquid biopsy as an alternative cancer testing strategy for diagnostic genotyping of solid tumours in Gliomas

Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by Sam Moghadam Khamseh

It has been observed that steroids may reduce the efficiency of standard treatments for glioblastoma.
This one year study looks at new selective steroids.

Barbara de Silva (Ian Meek Phd) and Group.jpg

Official Title: Ian Meek PhD Studentship
Elucidating the high-grade transformation of low-grade brain tumours

Lead Researcher: Dr Heiko Wurdak
Where: Leeds, West Yorkshire
When: 2014-2018
Cost: £120,000
Research Type: Adult, Glioblastoma

Ian Meek died aged 42 from a brain tumour. In the last three years of his life when he was most affected by the disease, he raised £120,000 to fund the Ian Meek PhD Studentship at the University of Leeds.

Red Pills

Official Title: Identification of new drug targets to improve the treatment of high-grade brain tumours

Lead Researcher: Dr Spencer Collis
Non-Clinical PhD Student: Natasha Carmell
Where: University of Sheffield
When: 2015-2018
Cost: £19,700
Research Type: Adult, High-Grade

Image by National Cancer Institute

Official Title: Development of clinically relevant brain tumour models to identify new treatment regimes

Lead Researcher: Dr Spencer Collis
Clinical PhD Student: Ola Rominiyi
Where: University of Sheffield
When: 2016 - 2019
Cost: £18,975
Research Type: Adult, High-Grade, Glioblastoma

Image by Ousa Chea

Here we have a summary of some of the previous research we have funded.

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