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About YBTC

We’re Yorkshire's leading brain tumour charity dedicated to raising funds for life changing research and patient support. Formerly known as Andrea's Gift and later Brain Tumour Research and Support across Yorkshire, we’re now called Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity, or YBTC (read about the origins of YBTC).


Why we are here:

Around 11,000 new cases of primary brain tumours are diagnosed in the UK every year, 15 each week in Yorkshire. Treatments have been relatively unchanged for nearly 50 years and brain tumours are now the biggest cancer killer of people aged 40 and under in the UK.

Our mission is to support patients and their loved ones through the devastation a primary brain tumour diagnosis can bring, making sure they have someone to turn to at any stage of their journey. 

We invest in world-class, Yorkshire-based research, to work towards kinder treatment options and better health outcomes for brain tumour patients.

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