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Brain Tumour Support in Yorkshire

Around 11,000 new cases of primary brain tumours are diagnosed in the UK every year, 15 each week in Yorkshire. For all those families whose lives have been suddenly turned upside down by a diagnosis, we are here for you.

As the region's very own brain tumour charity, we offer specialist and local support to everyone in Yorkshire affected by any type of brain tumour. See below for our range of support services.

Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Peer Support Groups

Peer support involves people with similar life experiences connecting with and providing understanding to each other. From sharing a cuppa to discussing recent scan results, our Peer Support Groups bring people together in relaxed settings across Yorkshire (or once a month online). We can also pair service-users with 1-2-1 Peer Support Volunteers -we know how important it is to chat to others who really understand what you're going through.

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Wellbeing Walks

Open to patients and caregivers, our Wellbeing Walks involve a guided stroll with people in similar circumstances. This can be an opportunity to chat and connect with peers, who understand the unique challenges of a brain tumour diagnosis.​

There’s no pressure to chat though, sometimes just taking a relaxing walk with others in the fresh-air can provide a welcome boost to wellbeing. The routes are suitable for beginner walkers, but unfortunately unsuitable for those in a wheelchair. Anyone unable to take part is welcome for a cuppa and chat at the nearby café, where the walkers will join us afterwards.

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Reviewing Paperworks

Welfare Advice/Financial Grants

A brain tumour diagnosis can be financially devastating for a family – in our independent research 96% of people said it had a negative effect on household finances.

Our welfare advice service helps our service users understand what benefits they might be entitled to, and how best to access this support. We also regularly apply for local funding to enable us to provide financial grants.

We're Here To Help

Call 0113 511 8111 or click below to email our specialist support team.

Service user, BE

"No-one can really understand what you are going through unless they have experienced it themselves. Having the chance to talk to other people who really "get it" has been just what I needed. You don't have to explain yourself; they just know." 

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