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Current Research

YBTC fund world-class, innovative clinical research across Yorkshire.  We want to find kinder treatment options for the people we support, and will continue to work tirelessly towards achieving improved health outcomes for all brain tumour patients.


Current Research

Image by National Cancer Institute

Investigating new diagnostic biomarkers of glioblastoma using tissue-on-chip technology.

Dissecting spatiofunctional heterogeneity in the DNA damage response of glioblastoma to establish common therapeutic vulnerabilities.

Image by Hans Reniers
Image by National Cancer Institute

This research will use an ex-vivo model to assess responses of glioblastoma tumour cells to drugs.

A new Leeds based brain tumour Tissue Bank has been established in Leeds, meaning researchers working across Yorkshire and beyond will be better resourced to continue their world-renowned work.

The project will allow more collaboration locally and nationally, providing state-of-the-art resources to collect, examine and conserve fresh tissue samples.

Image by Benjamin Elliott
Image by Julia Koblitz

Developing tissue-on-chip technology to measure the response of brain tumours to established therapy and novel drugs.

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