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Donating your brain to research

Despite the advances in neuroscience, there is still much we don’t understand about the human brain and the way it impacts/responds to various diseases.

Examining brain tissue is vital to increasing our knowledge. There is a need for both injured and healthy brains in research to find new and better treatments.


Why donate brain tumour tissue for research? 

Using real tissue is the best way to make sure testing for new drugs and treatments is accurate and reliable. Brain banks are in need of donations in order to continue with pioneering new research models, ultimately moving us closer to a cure for brain cancer.

How to arrange your donation

If you are thinking of donating your brain or spinal chord, or that of a relative or partner, you need to contact your nearest brain bank. You can see all the brain banks in the UK, with links to explore each in more detail, at

In general, most banks will use the tissue for multiple types of research, not just for brain tumour research. Some brain banks do specialise in specific diseases, but it's best to contact your nearest brain bank and discuss your wishes with them. 

Find out more information about the process of donating your brain for research at The Human Tissue Authority's site:

For more information about opportunities to donate brain tumour tissue, contact or call 0113 340 0111. We can put you in touch with the relevant team in your area.

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