Why Is A Gift In Your Will Important?

Each week across Yorkshire, 15 people receive the life-changing diagnosis of a brain tumour. For those patients and their families, we are there to support them every step of the way - from diagnosis, treatment and beyond. We’re also working tirelessly to make brain tumours a thing of the past, by funding groundbreaking Yorkshire-based research!

Some of our supporters choose to leave a legacy for the families that we support with a gift in their will. This helps to change the lives of those diagnosed with brain tumours for many years to come.

'Our friends at YBTC are now like an extended family and a great support to us' -Alan (YBTC service user).

For more information please email fiona@yorksbtc.org.uk or call 0113 340 0111.

Leaving A Legacy Made Easy:

We are working with Bequeathed to deliver a free “Wills for Good” service, where you can write your own will, whilst choosing to support the charities that you love. There is no minimum amount that you need to donate in your will, and every charitable donation is very gratefully received.

Leaving a legacy in your will can also help to reduce your income tax on your estate*, since legacy donations to charities are exempt from inheritance tax.

*If your gift is 10% of your estate

How To Use Our Free Will Writing Service With Bequeathed:

Step 1: Visit our Bequeathed page: www.bequeathed.org/ybtc
Step 2: Fill out the information required to create a Will for Good- this should take about 20 minutes
Step 3: You may need some additional advice, which can be supplied by Bequeathed either with an appointment or through the website- any additional advice can be offered in around 30 minutes
Step 4: You’re all ready to go! You will receive your Will for Good in the post, along with instructions on how to sign it with witnesses

We’ll Provide Our Usual Loving Support Throughout:

  • We will respect your privacy - there is no pressure to leave us a gift, or to tell us your plans
  • Your priorities or circumstances might change, and you can change your mind about leaving a gift at any time, that’s okay!
  • Your family and friends come first - your executors and loved ones will always be treated with kindness, consideration, and respect
  • We will use any gifts appropriately to continue our work providing loving support and loving research for brain tumour patients and their families. If there’s a particular thing that you’d like the money to be used for (eg research or support) then please let us know and we’ll restrict the funds for this purpose.
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