At St James' Hospital in Leeds, Play Leader Lobke Marsden, paints children's radiotherapy masks before treatment, with some amazing designs!
A sample are shown below.

Head and Neck Cancer Forum, Australia

In Australia, Julia McCrossin, a renowned broadcaster with ABC radio, ABC TV and Network 10 and freelance journalist who has herself had oropharyngeal cancer treated, has been leading  the way with regards to getting information out about head and neck cancer to patients, family members and clinicians. This includes a new video series from The Head and Neck Cancer Forum too.

Bravery Unmasked

In 2016, the first Bravery Unmasked exhibition took place in Sydney. They found that some patients connect their mask with lifesaving treatment whilst others would prefer never to see it again. By turning the masks into pieces of art, patients found a purpose for the masks which empowered them to turn something gloomy into something powerful.

The team putting the exhibition together found that art helped patients to:
* express feelings when it is difficult to talk
* explore imagination and creativity
* develop healthy coping skills
* improve self-esteem and confidence
*identify and clarify issues and concerns
*increase communication skills
*share in a safe and nurturing environment
* improve motor skills and physical coordination
* identify blocks to emotional expression and personal growth

Here are some pictures of the stunning art pieces that have been created:

Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney mask decoration competition 2020  featuring Julie McCrossan (middle) holding up a mask and model 
We would love to see how you transform your own radiotherapy mask!
Please share your pictures with us by email to: or tag us on facebook or twitter!

You can download and print a copy of the radiotherapy mask information leaflet by CLICKING HERE.

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