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Read the latest publications, articles, reviews and updates from our researchers
working in Sheffield, Leeds and Hull.

A huge part of what we do at YBTC is funding important brain tumour research; we're proud to share what we were able to fund through 2023 and the developments which have been made. 

In Sheffield, PhD student, Kelsey Wosnotzka, is part-funded by YBTC. This project uses a specialised surgically-guided collection of brain tumour cells from different parts of the tumour to identify and investigate common weaknesses that we may be able to exploit with either existing or new therapies, with the hope to help fast track these into future clinical trials to help patients with this devastating disease.

In Hull, YBTC-funded PhD student, Antonia Barry, has been outstanding as evidenced by being first-author on a paper published - Lab on a chip (IF: 7.517) in May 2023: Barry A, et al. Investigating the effects of arginine methylation inhibitors on microdissected brain tumour biopsies maintained in a miniaturised perfusion system. Lab Chip. 2023 May 30;23(11):2664-2682. She has also investigated novel treatments for glioblastoma, the most severe type of brain tumours and a disease with no current cure, amongst many other achievements.

In Leeds, we continued to support the GlioModel which aims to overcome the difficulties in investigating brain tumour biology by building an experimental platform that will allow many types of test to be run in parallel. Assisted by our funding, they have now being able to make this competitive for large-scale funding. 

The Leeds Neuropathology Research Tissue Bank went from strength to strength in 2023. Part-funded by Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity, applications to the tissue bank doubled in the past 12 months. The bank has supported, or is still supporting, 20 research projects aimed at understanding why brain tumours form; how we might find them earlier; and what we can do to reduce or stop the devastating effects they have.

If you would like more information on these amazing teams and the incredible research they do, please look through the research pages on our website or email

Image by National Cancer Institute

Led by Pedro Beltran-Alvarez, researchers at Hull have published new findings about possible side effects of a promising new drug.

Natasha Carmell, a YBTC-funded PhD student, has published a paper on new treatments which target proteins known to cause treatment resistance.

Image by Jaron Nix
Image by National Cancer Institute

A new scientific literature review has been published this week and we are delighted that one of the authors, Antonia Barry, is a YBTC-funded PhD student.

Tissue processed at the Leeds Tissue Bank has been used in a project published in the Neuro-Oncology journal.

Image by Benjamin Elliott
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