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Yorkshire's first brain tumour lab...

In January 2011 we, along with Candlelighters, funded Yorkshire's first brain tumour research lab at Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine (LIMM).

World-class scientists are now working daily in this lab to progress clinical findings, with the ultimate aim of improving health outcomes for brain tumour patients.


A bit of background...

In more than 40 years, brain tumour treatments have remained relatively unchanged. Unlike other cancers, research has been underfunded and continues to be way behind. In fact, it could take up to 100 years for brain cancer to catch up with developments in other diseases and this is why the brain tumour research that we fund in Yorkshire is so important.

Find out more from Dr Heiko Wurdak, who gives us an overview of what happens in the brain tumour research lab at the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine (LIMM).

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