Yorkshire Brain Tumour Symposium 2022

Yorkshire Brain Tumour Symposium 2022

Yorkshire Brain Tumour Symposium 2022
Met Hotel, King Street, Leeds LS1 2HQ
05 July - 9:00 AM

Discover how Yorkshire is leading the way in brain tumour research

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We want to share with you the amazing research YBTC funds, and the progress being made.


This jam-packed day will feature world class researchers and doctors from across our region who are all leading innovative research to find treatments, and ultimately a cure, for primary brain tumours.

The event is open to all. Places are free but must be pre-booked as space is limited.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided for attendees.

Our speakers include:

Anke BrĂ¼ning-Richardson
, Senior Lecturer in Biomedicine and Brain Tumour Research Group Leader at the University of Huddersfield

Anke's research focuses on mechanisms of cell migration and targeting the migratory/invasive behaviour of cancer cells with focus on paediatric and adult gliomas. She is particularly interested in the development of diagnostics and novel treatment approaches for improved survival in patients which has led to the identification of potential biomarkers and novel small molecule inhibitors to target cell migration. She is also working on improved 3D in vitro models of brain tumours for large scale screening of novel candidate drugs.

Antonia Barry, PhD Student at the University of Hull

Originally from South Shields, Antonia Barry is almost two years into her YBTC-funded PhD at the University of Hull. She is investigating novel treatments against glioblastoma under the supervision of Dr Pedro Beltran-Alvarez, Dr Mark Wade (University of Hull) and Dr Lucy Stead (University of Leeds). In 2021 Antonia won first prize for the best poster presentation at the prestigious Allam Lecture 2021.

Dr Heiko Wurdak, Lecturer/Group Leader, Head of Stem Cells and Brain Cancer Group at the Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds

Heiko received his PhD from ETH Zurich, Switzerland studying stem cell and developmental biology. He was an EMBO and AACR fellow studying brain biology and brain cancer as a postdoc at the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA before becoming a research group leader establishing the Stem Cell and Brain Tumour Group at the University of Leeds. 

Dr Lucy Stead, Associate Professor, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Head of Glioma Genomics at the Leeds Institute of Medical Research, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds

Lucy completed an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at The University of Cambridge before training as a computational biologist during her Masters and PhD at The University of Leeds. She moved into the field of cancer genomics upon completion of her PhD in 2010 and decided to focus her research specifically on brain cancer when she transitioned to independence via a series of University funded fellowships that saw her establish her own group in Glioma Genomics. In 2020 she was awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship, and became an Associate Professor in Brain Cancer Biology that same year.

Ola Rominiyi, NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Neurosurgery at the University of Sheffield Medical School

Ola Rominiyi is an emerging neurosurgeon-scientist whose research seeks to understand and overcome the complex resistance mechanisms observed in brain cancer. Ola previously completed a YBTC-supported laboratory-based PhD, under the supervision Dr Collis and Mr Al-Tamimi, which identified new treatment combinations which target glioblastoma cells based on how they respond to current DNA damaging chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He also developed new surgically-relevant models of difficult-to-treat glioblastoma cells from patients to establish the Sheffield ‘Living Biobank’. In 2021, Ola was awarded Sheffield’s first NIHR Clinical Lectureship in Neurosurgery which enables him to combine ongoing clinical training with research as Translational Lead for the newly established Sheffield Translational Brain Tumour Research Group.

Dr Spencer J Collis, Reader and Head of Genome Stability Laboratory at Sheffield Teaching Hospital

Dr Collis is a cell/molecular biologist with 25 years' research experience in the area of DNA damage response and genome stability, publishing over 40 research papers and review articles. Since establishing his research laboratory in 2009 he has led a vibrant multi-disciplinary research team making new fundamental and translational discoveries in this important aspect of tumour biology. In partnership with neurosurgical colleagues at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, and with support from Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity, he has established the Sheffield Translational Brain Tumour Research Group to further understand brain tumour biology, treatment resistance and develop novel therapeutic strategies for this currently incurable disease.

Kelsey Wosnitzka, PhD student at the University of Sheffield Medical School

Miss Kelsey Wosnitzska recently started her PhD studies within the Sheffield Translational Brain Tumour Research Group after securing a First class undergraduate degree from the University of Liverpool including an industrial placement year with AbbVie. She beat out fierce international competition to be awarded a prestigious scholarship from the University of Sheffield and is working on a YBTC-funded research project, which investigates common weaknesses in glioblastoma cells taken from various areas within a single tumour. The project hopes to fast track new, more effective treatments into clinics by finding similarities within difficult-to-treat tumour cells.

Mr Ryan Mathew, Associate Professor & Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon, University of Leeds and Leeds General Infirmary

Ryan's clinical interests cover the full spectrum of brain tumours with a special focus on gliomas, awake surgery and meningiomas. During his neurosurgical training, he was awarded a PhD based on Glioma Modelling using Stem Cells and Cerebral Organoids (“mini-brains”), after which he spent time at The Brain Tumour Research Centre (Sickkids, Toronto). His basic, translational and clinical trials research interests focus primarily on brain tumour biology and precision cancer surgery using innovative technologies. He co-leads a brain tumour research lab with Dr Heiko Wurdak, is Neurosurgery Lead for the NIHR Surgical MIC, Academic Lead for Health at the Centre for Immersive Technology, is a member of the Academic Committee of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons and a Founding Member of the HoloMedicine Association. He has pioneered the use of virtual and mixed reality approaches, brain tissue scanning for real-time histology and fluorescence surgery in the management of patients with brain tumours.

Getting there: 
The venue is a short walk away from Leeds Train Station.

Car parking at the venue is extremely limited (costing £10 per day) and cannot be pre-booked. We recommend using nearby car parks, including Leeds Train Station, Citipark or Wellington Street multistorey.

If you park in the Citipark car park (7 Whitehall Road, LS1 4AW) you can get your parking ticket validated at reception for 25% off.

For more information on parking, click here.

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