Step into Christmas Ball raises an incredible £13,000

Step into Christmas Ball raises an incredible £13,000

Thu 12 December

Saturday 7 December saw Brain Tumour Research and Support across Yorkshire raise over £13,000 profit in one night thanks to its Step into Christmas Ball.
Sponsored by Slingsby Gin and Chauvet Europe, the ball saw over 200 guests dance the night away for BTRS. With DJ and professional host Ryan Swain as the compere for the evening, he got everyone up on their feet and involved in the festivities.
Featuring an inspiring speech from Dr Lucy Stead, and a heart-wrenching video from one of our patients and ambassadors Ellie Sayers, we were all reminded just why the work we do at BTRS is so, so important.
Here is some of the word’s Dr Lucy Stead shared on the evening, which brings our reason why to life…
“Someone once said to me ‘I don’t see the point in funding cancer research. So many millions of pounds have been thrown at this problem and people are still dying. If a cure could be found it would have been by now’. I can see that to some people they may appear to have a point. I am here to explain to you why they were wrong.
The research within my group focuses on why the deadliest form of brain cancer, glioblastoma, often recurs after treatment (why the cancer cells don’t die). We currently have seven distinct but complementary projects investigating this question from different angles in ways it has never been inspected before. This includes novel approaches that allow us to characterise individual cells in an unprecedented level of detail, partly thanks to funding we previously received from BTRS. Technology, and the way it alters what we can do in the lab is expanding at a rate of knots. In the year 2000 we sequenced the human genome for the first time. It took 13 years and £3 billion. Today we can sequence the genome from a cancer cell in under a week for about £1,000. 
So, at this moment in time there are still cancers that are incurable, including types of brain cancer. But mankind could not put a man on the moon until the day we put a man on the moon. We must keep investing in research and know that understanding begets understanding and that tumours in the most complex organ of the human body present a huge challenge but one that we will one day overcome if charities such as this one, and supporters such as yourselves, continue to raise vital vital, vital research funding.
Many of the people in this room have been directly and irrevocably affected by brain tumours. As researchers, we pledge to you that we will not give up trying to stop that being the case for future generations, if you will continue to help raise the money needed to fund the research that WILL make a difference.”
We’re overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who attended the Step into Christmas Ball, and are so thankful for the organising ball committee (Christine Osmond, Lesley Shearman, Jordanna Kelly, Hilary Marton, Zoe Mason-Tinto and Charlotte Walker) and all the brands and companies that donated to the event.
To view more images from the event, taken by the wonderful Rais Hasan, head to the BTRS Facebook page.

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