Latest news from researcher Ryan Mathew

Latest news from researcher Ryan Mathew

Fri 25 September

It is coming up to 2 years since academic neurosurgeon Ryan Mathew has been in post and we are delighted to share the great news about his achievements so far...
As you can imagine, things have been challenging in research over the last few months due to buildings and labs being closed, support staff on furlough leave and concerns over the future of funding.

However, the labs are slowly getting back to some normality and we are delighted to report that Ryan and his colleagues have ploughed on regardless in the fight against brain cancer!

During his time in role, Ryan and his colleagues (especially Heiko Wurdak, also a YBTC funded brain cancer researcher) have successfully secured the following funding and projects with respect to brain cancer:

Brain Research UK: Project Grant (Lead Applicant), £300k, 3 years
The UK’s first craniotomy and resection glioma model, which will allow us to study the leftover (margin) cells and test new drugs in the tumour cavity. Working with Nottingham and York. It is intended that this becomes a UK resource.
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council: New Investigator Award (Co-Iead), £485k, 3 years
Using nanoparticles to selectively target and deliver drugs in glioma. Working with engineers at Leeds.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council: Healthcare Technologies Project Grant (Co-Iead), £1.2M, 3 years
Developing an ultra-precise laser to target leftover cancer cells after surgery – Ryan's funding part is specifically for glioma.
Alumni Award (Co-Iead), £150k, 2 years
Understanding glioma invasion and migration using assembloids (mini-brains!)
4MD Seed Corn Project (Co-Iead), £30k, 6 months
Pulsed laser treatment for brain cancer.
Health Education England: Technology Award (Lead Applicant), £5k 
GrowMedTech: Proof of Market Award (Lead Applicant), £5k
Both awards are for developing a benchtop test for brain cancer that predicts patient-specific response to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Centre for Doctoral Training PhD Scholarship (Primary Supervisor), 3 years
Developing artificial intelligence to analyse speech for early detection of brain tumours
Master of Research (MRes) Studentship (Primary Supervisor), 1 year
Using augmented reality in patient education and Multi-Disciplinary Team working (including brain tumours).

Master of Research (MRes) Studentship (Primary Supervisor), 1 year  
Using augmented reality in neuro-rehabilitation (including brain tumour patients)

Co-Supervisor for MD (medical doctor) student 
Looking at the use of anti-epileptics in glioma.

Principal Investigator for SPRING Trial
Investigating seizure prophylaxis in glioma patients.

Writing and trial group, and Principal Investigator for IMPACT study 
This is a meningioma study. 

Ryan, Heiko and colleagues are also in the final stages for some additional grants for research studies that we hope they will be successful in securing. They also have some more postgraduate students starting who will be working in the brain tumour field.

Ryan told us, "I really enjoy being an academic neurosurgeon. I feel that I have the best of both worlds. I cannot thank Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity and Candlelighters enough for your support in making this happen."

We wish Ryan, Heiko and all their colleagues all the best in their work to find treatments, and ultimately a cure, for brain tumours.

NB: Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity part funds Ryan's role of Associate Professor at the University of Leeds, with Candlelighters. By doing so, we have helped to enable him have the opportunity to undertake the work required to achieve all of the above. We are proud to have helped make a real difference to brain tumour research.

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