Never Give Up

Never Give Up

Tue 19 May

Martin, Moorman, Headteacher at Ravenscliffe High School & Sports College, launched a new fundraising campaign on Friday "Never Give Up" #NGU
Headteacher’s son, Jake, created this video to kick start Ravenscliffe High School and Sports College's ‘Never Give Up’ fundraising campaign.

The school launched their fundraising on Friday in their weekly assembly, which some children attended in person and other logged on to view virtually on their Facebook page.

Jake has given us permission to share this video and his story, along with his father’s Green Jumper story which you can read by CLICKING HERE.


Paul Chumas, a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Trustee for YBTC, sent this message to Jake, his family and the school:
“I am a trustee at Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity, because I am passionate about developing research, treatment and support locally in Yorkshire that can have an impact globally. There are very few cancers with such a devastating effect as brain tumours - in children or adults - and we need to change that. I also think that people supporting our cause like to know that their money is going on research which is being carried out in Yorkshire and that the support we give is to Yorkshire patients.
The Ravenscliffe School motto is “Never Give Up”, this could also be the motto of the Moorman family.
One of the privileges of my job is that, sometimes you get to know families well and build a bond. It’s great when you can then have a bit of banter, even though decisions being made are so important and life-changing.
Although understandably worried about Jake’s operations, Jakes family used all their energy to find the positives in the situation. The whole family works together with the goal of doing something for other people.

And they never give up. If you can - please support this cause”

If £1500 is raised by Friday at 2pm Headteacher Martin will "brave the shave" too!

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