Lyn's Vintage Giving story

Tue 04 January

Our supporter Lyn couldn't believe how easy it was to raise hundreds of pounds for YBTC, just by donating some no-longer-used jewellery, clothes and homeware!
Lyn, who has supported YBTC for many years, told us about her experience using the Vintage Giving service for the first time:

Flicking through the YBTC newsletter early in 2021, a short piece about a partnership between the charity and an organisation called Vintage Giving caught my eye. For years, I have been keeping small bits of broken jewelry in a box in the vain hope that one day, the missing half of a pair of earrings would mysteriously reappear or I would get round to having all the broken gold chains melted into something beautiful. I also had a sense that somewhere in the house, I still had some unloved, fashionable-in-the-70s candlesticks that had probably belonged to my mum or nana. What could be better in a lockdown than scrambling around the loft to search for treasure?
I found a small cardboard box and checked the Vintage Giving website for details of suitable items. Then I looked in the loft and garage and went to find a larger box! Once the box was filled, we taped it well, stuck the 'free postage' label on firmly and took it off to the Post Office. My main worry at this point was that I may have offloaded a pile of useless junk and was wasting people's time.

About a month later, imagine my excitement to receive a letter informing me that my box of 'stuff' had raised £255 for YBTC! 

What did I put in the box? 

  • silver chains, pendants, bracelets (the sort we all bought at Argos in the 1980s) 
  • broken gold chains, widowed earrings, a couple of squished gold rings
  • a couple of carriage clocks (does anyone still use a carriage clock?) 
  • tankards awarded to my rugby-loving husband over the years (for various achievements such as being the last man standing on tour)
  • candlesticks and a lovely silver-plated candelabra given to us as a wedding present but never used
  • my mum's 'best' silver tea set (having first Googled the hallmark and ascertained that it was in fact, only electroplated silver) 
  • a selection of dress jewellery, beads and brooches that my nana probably wore in the 60s
Was it worth doing?

Absolutely! Searching around the house for suitable bits and pieces brought back so many happy memories from my younger days and, while I have to admit there were some items that I stroked, considered and then carefully put back in the top of the wardrobe because I am not quite ready to part with them, I know that the two women in my life who died of brain tumours will forgive me for recycling some of their treasure (especially the Elizabeth Duke horse necklace I saved up for with my Saturday wages and Mum never wore) to raise money for such important research. 
You can find out more about Vintage Giving and download a donation pack by clicking here. Give it a go and you might be amazed by how much your 'stuff' is worth to the charity!

You can donate costume jewellery, gold, silver, cameras, old currency, medals, fountain pens, vintage toys, watches, clocks and much more - so get rummaging!
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