Katie's research published in Journal of Care and Caring

Mon 04 July

One of our supporters has had a research paper on carers' unmet needs published in a prestigious journal.
Our supporter Katie Gilchrist was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour called an acoustic neuroma in December 2017.
After recuperating from surgery and adjusting to the hearing loss and facial paralysis this caused, Katie moved back to the UK from Australia to begin a Master’s degree in Health Psychology at UCL.

Katie's studies were focused on the care needs of acoustic neuroma patients and their carers.

Her MSc dissertation, titled 'Advocating for carers: a qualitative study exploring the needs of UK carers of patients with an acoustic neuroma', has been published in International Journal of Care and Caring.

The summary of her findings can be read below:

The full paper is available to read online - to read the article, click here.

Katie is a member of our Patient Advisory Group - a group of patients and carers who represent the views of people impacted by brain tumours by answering surveys, attending focus groups and giving feedback over the phone. To find out more about the Patient Advisory Group, click here.
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