How to host a successful fundraising event at home

How to host a successful fundraising event at home

Tue 25 August

With COVID-19 impacting traditional fundraising in ways none of us could have anticipated, many Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity supporters are looking for new ways to raise funds and awareness for people living with a brain tumour in Yorkshire.

One of those is by swapping the running shoes for the hosting apron and throwing a small fundraiser for family and friends at home – socially distanced of course!


Not sure where to start when it comes to hosting a successful fundraiser at home? Here are our tips!

Ideas for fundraising at home

The first thing you need is an idea, and thankfully we’ve got plenty of those for you! Any of these fundraising ideas will help Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity provide critical research and support to people who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour in Yorkshire.


  • A sporting event or music festival in your garden
  • A pub quiz
  • Come Dine With Me style dinner party
  • Host a tea party or coffee morning
  • Games night
  • Are you skilled at baking or crafts? Run a class for your friends and family for a small charitable donation
  • If you’re a talented musician you could host a gig in your garden
  • Run a monthly book club


For more ideas, download our A to Z of fundraising ideas guide.

Tips for fundraising at home


Now you’ve got an event idea, it’s time to plan it. Here are our top tips for throwing a successful fundraising event at home.


Be clear about the purpose and goal of your event


For your event to be successful, your guests need to be really clear about why the fundraising matters to you. Make sure you connect it to a personal story or share some impactful statistics to illustrate just how important the cause is.


You could even single out one element of the charity to focus on – such as support – to help your guests understand exactly why this is such an important cause.


Next, have a clear goal of how much money you want to raise and publicise it. Keep a visible running total throughout the event so your guests can see how close you’re getting. This will encourage donations, especially as you get closer to your target on the day.


Have a theme


Having a unique theme for your fundraising event will pique the interest of your guests and might give your friends and family an extra incentive to come along. For the summer months we’re suggesting to you host a sports or music themed festival in your gardens, you can find more information about our at home GardenFest event here.

Tell us about it!


Our Community Fundraisers, Nicki & Jen, are on hand to support you every step of the way. We love our DIY fundraisers and are here throughout your journey. If you want to create your own event for YBTC, simply drop them a line with your idea at or or give them a call on 0113 340 0111.


Brand it up


Download Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity branded bunting, wristbands and posters to place around your house. This will keep the charity at the forefront of your guests’ minds and make it really clear why you’re all gathered together.

Use technology to your advantage


Minimise the need for touching and close contact at your event by using technology to your advantage. Set up a Just Giving page so people can donate online and download quiz apps if this is part of your event, rather than sharing pens and paper. You can also use social media to spread the word of your event. With the current restrictions, your friends and family won’t all be able to attend, but some might want to donate anyway. There’s no better way for them to be aware of what you’re doing than social media. You could even invite some extra people to attend virtually using Zoom or FaceTime calls.


Make sure it’s Covid secure


Finally, it’s really important that you make your event COVID-19 secure, so all your guests feel comfortable. Make sure you’re fully up to speed with the latest Government guidelines and select a suitable space (preferably a garden) with enough room for everyone to keep at least two metres apart. Make plenty of hand sanitiser, disinfectant, wipes and sprays available and disinfect the toilet after each use.


So there you have it, our tips on running a successful fundraising event at home. If you’d like to plan your own event to raise money for Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity please get in touch with or give them a call on 0113 340 0111.

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