Emma's Story

Wed 10 March

For #BrainTumourAwarenessMonth YBTC supporter Emma shares the story of herself and her husband Jim who was diagnosed with a Grade 3 Oligodendroglioma in 2019.
Emma's Story

"In October 2019, my partner was diagnosed with a Grade 3 Oligodendroglioma (yep - it's a mouthful!). We had never even heard of it, but it brought our world crashing down. We had a 10-month-old little girl at the time and had just come back from an amazing holiday after celebrating her christening. 
"You never think it will be you. Anyone I speak to now; I always tell them the same. Never take anything for granted as you never know when something will come along and cut things short. Jim was 36 years old, full of life, love, health, and happiness. 
"He underwent a partial resection (of his brain) where the neurosurgeons removed 95% (of the tumour). We then received the biopsy news, what he had could not be treated, however it could be managed. Everything rushes through your mind, but our Specialist Nurse Gill and Leanne at St James were amazing. They have been a huge support when things have not made sense or when we have needed answers, a shoulder to cry on or just someone to break it down to layman’s terms.
"18 months on, it is still very much a part of our lives. A year of treatment, I am in awe of how Jim tackled it with such positivity and strength. He deserves a medal if you ask me. However, we have learnt through support from Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity, the hospital, friends and family to not let it consume our lives. We are very much living with hope and looking to the future as best we can. 
We are due to get married in October this year too. So, if I could give anyone any advice in our situation, it would also be do not stop doing the things you want. Do them more! Enjoy the little things, the walks with your pets and little people, meals out, cheeky treats, holidays, your favourite TV series. Whatever it is, take joy out of the small things as when you look back you realise, they are actually the big things in life. 
"I have chosen to support YBTC because until this happened, I never realised the value of brain tumour charities, particularly locally. I have been fortunate enough to have received therapy from their amazing counsellors and as a family we have been supported financially too. These charities go sometimes unnoticed compared with the big charities, and that is wrong. It's the day to day, week to week, shoulder to cry on, help with finances, advice on moving forward and coping that is as vital when you receive news like we did, and the research they fund is vital too. And for that, I will now ensure that any fundraising I do goes to this charity. 

I hope that by sharing a little of our experience it may help someone, somehow."

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