Drop-In Cafés: Karen

Drop-In Cafés: Karen's story

Tue 11 January

Karen shares her experience of coming along to our Drop-In Cafés in Wakefield.
Our Wakefield Drop-In Café takes place at Create Café on Burton Street, every fourth Thursday of the month from 10.30am-12.30pm.

Karen, who started attending the drop-ins last year, told us about her experience of coming along:

"I had been sceptical, wondering if this was for me, but decided to give it a go and I am so pleased I did. I have now been to two drop-ins, thoroughly enjoyed both and plan to make them a regular part of what I do from now on.

"When I walked in there was a really warm welcome from Laura and Becky from the charity and an offer of a drink (the latte is very nice!)

"I wasn’t sure of what to expect at all, but whatever I was expecting, it wasn’t that. Just a really nice, warm and friendly environment to talk... talk about anything. You can speak about the thing we all have in common – whether that be as the person who has a brain tumour, like me, or whether you are a partner of someone, a relative of someone, or maybe someone who has very sadly lost someone to their tumour.

"Or indeed, you have the opportunity to talk about anything but, and that is absolutely great too. From the weather – obviously! – to family, work, the work that the charity does (which is amazing by the way)... in fact it could be anything at all.

"I have now been to two drop-ins and will be going again in January.

"The first time was with my brother and younger daughter, the second time with my mum and dad. All have really enjoyed the experience and look forward to returning.

"Laura, Becky and Jen are so welcoming, are happy to listen and have given me some really helpful support. We got lunch at the café afterwards the second time, too, as we felt so comfortable. It was nice to be able to do that and we will do that again  – the café is lovely!

"There wasn't a Drop-In in Wakefield in December, so my husband and I joined the Wellbeing Walk instead. I spoke to someone about it and it sounded like exactly what my husband (and our Golden Retriever!) would enjoy. I will also look to go to one of the Support Meetups at Maggie's Centre, which is something I didn't think would be for me, but now, talking to others, I realise that this could also be of real benefit.

"The Drop-In Café feels like a real safe space where I can just be me, not trying to look as though everything is ok, and enjoy a cuppa. I find it really helpful to talk to people who have shared experiences. I am so pleased that I decided to give it a chance.

"So, please, if you have been thinking about it and are not sure, why not head along and give it a go. The drop-ins run for a couple of hours. I know I thought I would go and just stay for an hour but have ended up staying for the full time, and then some! Hopefully you will find it as helpful as my family and I have."

If you'd like to find out more about our Drop-In Cafés in Wakefield, Doncaster and Leeds, go to yorksbtc.org.uk/Drop-in-cafes

To find out about other types of support YBTC can offer, including Support Meetups in Leeds and Sheffield, wellbeing walks and friends get-togethers, go to yorksbtc.org.uk/support
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