Demystifying Counselling

Demystifying Counselling

Thu 22 July

We want to dispel some of the common myths and preconceptions about counselling, so you can see if it might be right for you.
For someone who has never tried it before, counselling can seem a daunting prospect. Many people feel anxious about the idea of counselling or worry about the kind of questions they might be asked. There are many misconceptions about how counselling works and who it is for, but many people find the whole experience helpful once they give it a try.
How does counselling work?
Counselling offers an opportunity for a person to talk to someone confidentially. When you are experiencing something for the first time, such as a brain tumour diagnosis or a loved one being diagnosed, it is very common to have thoughts and feelings you have never had before. Everything can seem uncertain and scary.
In these situations, just when you might want to talk to someone, it is quite common to feel as though there is no one to turn to. You might feel that you have to protect your family or loved ones from the thoughts you are having. It can be so overwhelming and isolating, but that’s where counselling could help.

How could counselling benefit you?
Counselling offers a safe space to air your thoughts, with someone you don’t have to worry about or feel you need to protect. Sometimes, just saying something out loud can help you to process it. What’s more, a counsellor might be able to offer a different perspective and suggest ideas that might not have occurred to you.

What should you expect from a counselling session?
People often feel anxious or worried about their first counselling session, unsure of what will happen or being asked questions they are not comfortable with. But, it’s important to know that you decide on the topic. A counsellor will never take a conversation into a territory you don’t want to go to. You are always in control. You are, after all, the expert on yourself.
Counselling is a collaborative process. The counsellor is there to help and will focus on what you can work on together: what will benefit you in the here and now?
The first session is a chance for your counsellor to listen and learn about your situation. This helps them form a picture of what you are going through and think about what you might find useful. For some, this might be in the form of relaxation tips, coping strategies or communication skills, while for others, it is about just having an outlet where they can talk and take a moment to reflect and step back.

What could a counsellor offer you?
A counsellor can offer a wide range of practical techniques that you might find beneficial, including tips on meditation, how to sleep better, nutrition or exercise. Sessions typically last around 50 minutes and can be spaced out to suit your needs and daily life.  
Counselling can be a helpful process for a wide range of people. It might be that you're tired of feeling a certain way, perhaps angry, sad or ashamed, or it could be that you have reached a point in life where you would like to make a change; you want something different for yourself.
Lots of people feel apprehensive about counselling before they give it a go, but many say afterwards how helpful they found it.
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