Dawn's Recipe for Tiffin Traybake

Thu 09 April

This is our first taste of something that's super quick and easy to follow, it's Dawn's recipe for Tiffin!

It's an old favourite and is loved by our customers at No 31 with a cuppa. Anyone can make this and you don't even need an oven!


This is Dawn, our volunteer ambassador. Dawn is a baking queen and makes many of the cakes we sell in our shop, No 31.

As flour and eggs are currently in high demand Dawn thought Tiffin would be the ideal Easter treat to make, and it's topped off with chocolate, what's not to like!!

You will need a 20cm square tin, I use a 17cm wide and 23cm long, its whatever you have in your cupboard that will work.
It needs to be lightly greased

100g Margarine
25g Soft Brown Sugar
3 Tablespoons Golden Syrup
3 Tablespoons Cocoa powder
250g Digestive Biscuits
150g Raisins or any dried fruit
300g Milk or dark choc or combination of both

Method -

Add butter, sugar, cocoa powder,and syrup to a saucepan. I do this whilst I'm weighing out then not dirtying too many bowls, that's if you have digital scales of course.


When measuring out syrup put the spoon into a cup of boiled water and the syrup will slip off into the bowl easily, or wipe a little oil over the spoon this works too. Be careful not to get too much syrup into the mix or it will be too sticky when it cools.

Heat all the ingredients until melted then add crushed biscuits. Don't crush all biscuits up too fine, leave some bigger pieces as it adds more crunch. 

Next add the raisins and mix well until all the mix is coated. 

Empty into a greased tin and flatten. You can use a potato masher to even the mix out, don't forget the corners!

Melt the chocolate in a bain marie or I heat mine in the microwave its quicker; you have to keep checking so it doesn't burn. Once melted pour over the mix, then leave in the fridge to cool.

Before the chocolate has set and goes too hard score over the top into squares, it makes it easier to cut when its cooled. I got 8 pieces out of mine but that all depends on your sweet tooth, it is quite dense so be warned.

Enjoy !!!

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