Our YBTC Counsellor, Paula Dalton, explores what hypnotherapy is all about.

We also have a hypnotherapy video by Paula for you to try at home.
We offer hypnotherapy as part of our counselling support.

What is hypnotherapy?

Written by YBTC Counsellor, Paula Dalton

Hypnotherapy is a therapy used to help people relax and to change how they act and feel about a situation.

Hypnosis is a natural state of being, you may have experienced this feeling while driving, when engaged in an activity and that moment right before you fall asleep. We will often go in and out of hypnosis several times a day.

We spend a lot of our day using our conscious mind. This is a part of our thinking that controls our decision making, our analytical and critical thinking. We then have our sub-conscious mind, where we dream and our memories are stored. It is the responsibility of our sub-conscious mind to keep us safe at all times. As this was around when we were primates, it occasionally thinks the house is burning down when we have just burnt the toast. What this feels to us is a vigilance or an anxiety to certain situations and this behaviour is unhelpful.

Using the power of your imagination, a trained therapist will help you to make yourself comfortable, before talking to you in a soothing way. This allows the sub-conscious mind to relax and allow your cares to drift away.

It often feels like being read to and you can usually imagine very positive scenarios in your mind that will help you stay calm long after the session ends. Often music is played that contains binaural beats to enable you to relax even further.

When the session ends, the therapist will talk you out of the relaxation so you will feel energised and refreshed.

There is a common misconception with hypnotherapy that you will stay in trance or you might start telling your secrets. You are in control at all times. The therapist cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do. Occasionally, you may go to sleep and this is ok. Everything the therapist says to you during your session will still be heard and absorbed.

Hypnotherapy video from Paula:

Sleep Hynotherapy recording from Paula:

Find out more about our Counsellor, Paula Dalton, by CLICKING HERE.

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