Financial Grants in Yorkshire

Here at YBTC we are able to offer a small grant to qualifying patients diagnosed with a primary brain tumour in Yorkshire. 

If you are interested in one of our grants, please contact

To find out about our grants for children and young people being treated at Ward L52, click here.


Adam, aged 3
Adam's mum, Claire, is a single parent and has recently fled domestic violence. Without support from family, Claire is struggling to cover the cost of frequent hospital visits, alongside daily living costs. Our grant helped to reduce the financial burden and stress Claire was feeling to enable her to focus on caring for Adam and his sisters.

Stuart, aged 26
Stuart was diagnosed with a brain tumour aged 9 and has undergone extensive surgeries and treatments over the last 17 years, leaving him with significant developmental delay and mobility restrictions. Our grant helped cover the cost of new Lego sets, as well as tickets for Lego shows which enable him to socialise with others.

Ruby, aged 10
Sam had to stop work to provide additional care for her daughter Ruby, whose brain tumour reoccured in 2016. The family car broke down and required significant repairs. Our grant covered the cost of the repairs, enabling Sam to transport Ruby safely to appointments and school.

Nancy, aged 53
Nancy is partially sighted following an operation to remove her brain tumour in 2018. She lives alone and found the isolation due to Covid-19 extremely difficult. Our grant covered the cost of an audiobook device and a tablet to help her get involved with online calls with friends and family.

Faye, aged 61
Faye is determined to keep moving, but her brain tumour and the steroids she takes are weakening her leg muscles. This has meant she has been unable to go down her garden steps. Our grant has contributed towards the installation of a ramp to enable Faye to access her garden safely.

Rose, aged 10
Rose was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. She gradually improved enough following treatment to undertake a special trip to Disneyland Paris. Our support helped pay towards the high cost of insurance so she could enjoy the trip and make memories.

Joe, aged 34
As a result of his illness, Joe lost his driving licence and his job. Joe has three children under 10 and asked for help towards the cost of presents, food and decorations so his family could have an enjoyable time together at Christmas.

*names have been changed



Please note that YBTC does not fund family subsistence costs for patients travelling abroad for treatment for a brain or spinal cord tumour. This applies both to treatment that is approved and funded by the NHS, such as proton therapy for specific indications, together with any non-NHS funded self referrals.

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