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32 year old Karl Martin is married to Lauren and they have two children, Alisha aged 6 and Alfie aged 2. In 2006, following a grand mal seizure he was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Glioma.

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My name is Karl Martin, born 1979, a father of two children, Alisha aged 6 and Alfie aged 2, in 2006 following a grand mal seizure I was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Glioma.

I have now suffered with the condition for the last five years, having MRI Scans every 12 weeks for the first 15 months, these were extended to six months due to my tumour being stable but following a biopsy in March 2010 which showed my tumour had progressed to a Grade 3 Astrocytoma. I was told at this point I had approximately 18 months to live and that an operation may cause paralysis of my right hand side including arm, face, speech etc. so I underwent a six week course of radiotherapy at St James’s Hospital, Leeds and luckily for us, this has halted the progress of my tumour and 21 months later my condition is stable but my diagnosis is unfortunately set in stone.

Since 2007, my family and I have been fundraising for Brain Tumour Research and Support across Yorkshire (BTRS) and have raised approximately £8,000 through sponsored walks, charity music nights, tombola’s, jumble stalls, raffles, selling of bead bracelets and much more with future fundraising always being planned.

I have campaigned to raise awareness since 2009 to highlight just how devastating this type of cancer is and the lack of funding it receives, I have appeared on Radio Sheffield (Toby Foster Show), Radio Leeds (One on One with Liz Green), ITV Calendar News, We Are Barnsley Radio, been in The Yorkshire Post and Barnsley Chronicle, plus recent press coverage in November 2011 from my visit to watch We Will Rock You at The Leeds Grand where after the show me and my family met Ian Reddington (formerly Vernon Tomlin on Coronation Street) and the rest of the cast. Ian is a patron of national umbrella charity Brain Tumour Research who along with myself and many others, campaign for increased funding and awareness into this horrific disease on a constant basis.


My children are my life and I can’t bear the thought of leaving them without a daddy so my strength and courage get me through every day no matter how bad I’m feeling, this would not be possible without the love, support and encouragement of my beautiful wife Lauren, my mum Jill who does a massive amount of the fundraising with me or on my behalf and my dad Brian who is my shoulder to cry on and who always keeps me positive.

I also have massive support from hundreds of others mainly family, friends, Carol Robertson and McMillan Cancer Support.

So you may think why go to all this trouble when it won’t help me as my Tumour is going to take my life at some point, all I can say to you is that I know many people who have lost their battle or are still battling Brain Tumours since I was diagnosed and have seen the devastation it causes, so if my hard work on a daily basis means that just one other family in the future does not have to suffer the same heartbreak, stress and suffering that mine have had to contend with over the past five years and continue to deal with then it is all worth it.

I also believe that my children need to understand when they are older just how much I fought for myself and others and show them that caring, compassion, selflessness, desire, courage and strength are life skills second to no others and no matter what they face in life if I set that example for them they can conquer anything that is thrown at them, its my legacy to them and hopefully will help them live happy, successful and worthwhile lives.

Best Wishes,

Karl Martin

My Tumour and Me

In days gone by a Surgeon once said, “You’ve got a tumour inside your head”,
“Are you sure Mr Surgeon” was my reply, with a quivering lip and a tear in my eye,
He held in his grasp my MRI scan, he showed it to me with a shaky hand,
I sat and I looked at what I could see, a tumour was growing inside of me,
“What the hell do I do now I’m only a lad, not only that I’m also a dad”,
“I’m sorry my boy, what can I say, your life’s changed forever from this very day”,
So I set about battling this retched disease, it was on top for a while and winning with ease,
But as time progressed my confidence grew, with all my heart my courage did too,
You’ve taken my job, my car and my pride, yet my wife and my children stand strong by my side,
For almost five years we’ve battled each other, I suppose we could have even been brothers,
I thought we agreed to end this row, but you tricked me, turned cancerous, well done, take a bow,
So we stand here again all battered and bruised, I’m fighting a battle I’m destined to lose,
But you can’t take away who I am, what I’ve got, you see my old friend I’ve got the lot,
My family, my friends, my kids and my wife, they all love me dearly and they are my life,
So take your best shot now, come on feel free, because I will live on in them but you’ll die with me!

© Karl Martin - 26th June 2011
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